Harris & Reed: Re-united in 2013

Returning to the theme of introducing the riders… we turn back the clock to 2010, a year which, for me, re-created the feeling of the very first rides with a small group of riders most taking part for the first time, heading south from Calais to Champagne over 2.5 days… riding for the first time in 2010 were Ian Harris – CEO of the WSET; and Andrew Reed of Wiliam Reed/IWC. Pictured here in action, with Alan & myself riding and Lucy (Tracey) Roberts in support. Andrew was to return the following year for the “125 Challenge” to Burgundy, whilst Ian, having taken the opportunity to finally wear out some vital hip-bone structure, returns in 2013 with some new man-made skeletal infra-structure following a hip replacement operation…. well done Ian for taking this brave step to raise funds for the Benevolent!
IMG_0466IMG_0546 .. and finally, a scene from the first night’s aprés velo, featuring Andrew without his trousers on………


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