It can be tough on Tour.. and in 2008 it was!

Looking back through the photograhic archives it’s interesting to note that there are far more images of the sunny days with smiling faces, than there are of the other times …..but it is perhaps during these “other times”…… when we’re tired, cold, wet and wanting to give up….. that we feel most connected with why we’re doing this, who we’re doing this for and why our supporters have made their donations.
2008 was such a year….. it rained every day almost constantly….. not many images have survived but here are three…….. featuring rare footage of Peter Schulz…. the man who really re-connected me with my cycling roots, and this was the very ride on which he met Hannah. Please also note that we finished at Ayala Champagne that year… and with quite a large peloton….. Chris Matthews, “Albert” Amps, Jon Hall, Hannah, Peter and myself all back again for the Tour of the Douro next week. A major “Class of 2008” re-union. Fingers crossed for good weather guys…….. that’s done it!
Peter Schulz Chris Mathews & Philip Amps 020608
Cycle to Ayala Team 2008
Jon Hall in the Rain


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