Day 3: no pain, no gain.

As day three of the Tour of the Douro got under way, riders were becoming anxious. Roads were becoming more torturous, hill climbs more arduous, and weather conditions more debilitating. Where others may think clear blue skies and blazing sunshine are bliss, for riders they make everything all the more uncomfortable and difficult.

TOTD day 4 094_01

Whilst conditions might look quite picturesque, knees were being taped, muscles were being strained, and the entire peloton was beginning to feel the strain of the task at hand. Leaving from Vallodolid and crossing the last remaining plateaus of Castilla y Leon in the morning, riders descended from Spain into Portugal, welcomed by a punishing hill climb to Mirando do Duero where day three’s ride ended.

TOTD day 4 312_01

Whilst the weather may be unseasonably favourable, and the scenery remarkably breathtaking, today reminded riders that true hard work to raise money for their chosen charity was the glue behind the efforts of the Tour of the Douro. The final hill climnb into Mirando do Duero being tackled with particular aplomb by Mentzendorff Managing Director Andrew Hawes; a border crossing and a photo opportunity atop a huge hydro-electric damm facility were clearly not enough to stop this man powering to the top of the hill in the name of The Benevolent!

TOTD day 4 545_01


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