Extra post: Gala dinner and rogues gallery

Following an exhausting 600km slog across the Iberian peninsula, riders were treated to a gala dinner celebrating their achievement at Taylor’s Port in Oporto. David Cox, the Chief Executive of The Benevolent, travelled to join the riders and thank them for their efforts. During the dinner David was presented with the Tour of The Douro official lycra, as well as asked to be custodian of the lederhosen until the next charity ride takes place.

TOTDBenevolentFinal 676
(I think the Major is having rather a good time…)

This blog wouldn’t be complete without a little look behind the scenes at the Tour of the Douro. It wasn’t all polished professionals and slick cycling, oh no. Here are a few things you haven’t yet been shown…

Adrian ‘Major’ Bridge swotting up during his Bodegas Roda tasting

TOTDBenevolent 1790

Alan ‘Sir John’ Montague-Dennis greets the tour lederhosen with a mixture of joy and fear

TOTDBenevolent 1848

Graham ‘Dodders’ Dodridge ready for any hill Spanish geography can throw at him

TOTDBenevolent 1878

Leave this to the communications department; “does ANYONE know where they have gone?”

TOTDBenevolent 059

We all need somebody to lean on…when the knees give way

TOTDBenevolent 356

Victor ‘Gladiator’ Charcan; “my name is Maximus Decimus Meridius…”

TOTDBenevolent 437

The Tour of the Douro version of a Mexican Standoff

TOTDBenevolent 734

No respect for Gram’s Van; “I said no shoes inside the van you lot!”

TOTDBenevolent 363

Emperor Hawes addresses his subjects on the final evening

TOTDBenevolentFinal 674


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